Up Your Makeup Game with Three Simple Investments

Many people think that they’re useless at makeup. Many more leave the house thinking that their makeup is perfect, only to catch themselves in a mirror and realise that doing the makeup with their curtains closed has led to dipping into the bronzer a few too many times. Others will find that the organisation of their makeup desk has led to owning tonnes of products but always plumping for the same looks. If you’re struggling to find a way to use makeup, it could be down to three simple factors. Read on to find out more…



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Getting the right lighting to do your make up is essential. Too bright, and you’ll find that the harsh lighting will have you over-applying the bronzer or blush. Angles are important, too; you need to ensure that in addition to overhead lighting, you’re getting something hitting the sides of your face. There is a reason movie stars make use of wall mirror lights. To make sure you get the right sort of lighting, seek the advice of professionals such as those at lights.co.uk, where they stock a range of lighting options for different environments. It can be confusing at first, especially with everyone settling for energy efficient bulbs, but for makeup you want to go with old-fashioned incandescent bulbs that will yield the right ‘glow’. 



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Let’s face it, your makeup station is the last place you’re looking to organise when your whole house is a bit cluttered. However, when you’re primping 55 minutes a day on average, it becomes imperative that your makeup station is pristine. Organise makeup by product. You may find that you have bought the same eyeliner five times, and that the bright blue eyeshadow you bought eight years ago is no longer useful, but you may find some products which you forgot about and get inspired to try new looks. It’ll help you to see gaps in your makeup kit, making shopping much more efficient when you head out to buy new products. 



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If you cannot see yourself properly, how do you know that you look great in your makeup? You should have three types of mirror for your makeup station. The first should be a standard wide mirror in which you can see your whole face. The second mirror should be a magnifying mirror for more detailed work, such as intricate eye make up or creating the perfect Kylie Jenner lip line. Finally, you should have a full body mirror so that you can see what your makeup looks like in the context of your whole outfit. It is no use committing to a bold lip if the colour doesn’t match what you are wearing! 

If you find that you are struggling to make your products work, investing in your makeup station is worth the time and effort. You can spend a lot of money on products, but they will never look good if your make up station isn’t working hard as well. Once you have the perfect makeup station, you’ll enjoy getting ready and will be able to up your game to serve your face.

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