BELLO is currently obsessed with American’s newest Australian music import: TASH! Our team had the chance to speak with her to see what her sound, look and taste is as well as what American is lacking that Australia can provide!  

Q: How does it feel to be the first artist to perform at Facebook Campus?

Tash: So surreal. Still hard to believe it actually happened.

Q: How was the experience?

Tash: The day I spent at Facebook was one of the greatest experiences in my career so far. I feel so grateful to be a part of a project on one of the biggest platforms in the world. Everyone I worked with there was so friendly and really understood the music and the direction. I can’t wait to keep creating content with them and sharing it with the world.

Q: How has it been transitioning to American culture? Any differences, anything you believe Americans are completely missing in terms of food, activity, pop cultural obsession we don’t have here?

Tash: It’s been a gradual transition over the past few years. On my first few trips to America I would get pretty homesick after about 2 weeks. I still kinda miss the snacks like Tim Tams or Jatz (which are like crackers), luckily cookies at Costco make up for that. I also miss how easy it is to get from place to place on public transport. The train & bus system is really good in Sydney. That’s probably the one thing LA lacks. However, after spending a lot of time here it feels like a second home and the thought of moving here permanently has definitely grown on me.

Q: If you could collaborate with any musician, who would it be and why? What would your music video look like?  

Tash: I’d love to collaborate with Kaytranada, his music is just so groovy and old school. The music video would probably be some kind of artsy visual, lots of dark and cool lighting, maybe even with a vintage grain.

Q: Your IG states you’ll be releasing an EP this week! What do your fans want to take from the EP?

Tash: I’m really excited to share a different side of myself as an artist. This EP sheds some light on how the songs sound in the initial stages of writing them – just very raw and simple. Ever since I started recording professionally, I’ve wanted to put out something acoustic and intimate like this.

Q: Can you describe to BELLO readers your style?

Tash: My style musically is a mix of pop, indie and RnB. It has a bit of an old school vibe too. My style in fashion is a little bit nineties – inspired. I love mom jeans, cropped tees, plaid pants and white sneakers. My favorite brands are probably Urban Outfitters, Pacsun and Brandy Melville.

Q: You clearly have done some traveling. When traveling, what is are three must haves in your carry-on?

Tash: My three must haves are lip balm, a sleeping mask and my air pods.

Photography Arthur Galvao | Styling Luke Funtecha | Beauty Matthew Cerda.

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