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Tell us about your newly released singles “Boys Like You” and “Amateur”. What inspired your new alternative-pop sound?

Both “Boys Like You” and “Amateur” stem from experiences of past relationships that I was in and my feelings at the time. I actually started creating more alternative music in the very beginning of my career but I never released any of it. I always gravitated towards the more edgy sounds, but I also love deep house. So I think as I was creating my music, writing and working with different producers I just finally found my sound.

For those who’ve never heard your sound, what would be one way of describing it that would make someone want to drop everything and play it for the very first time?

I would have to say uplifting pop music with a slight groovy sound. Also, a lot of people relate to my lyrics of sad romance. It’s crazy because basically your grooving to a sad situation.

How did you develop the music video concepts for “Boys Like You” and “Amateur,” and why did you decide to link the two together?  

Actually, I’ve come up with all my music video concepts in the past, but for these 2 latest ones my director Chancellor Warhol presented the concepts and I just couldn’t say no. He totally gets me as an artist and he really helped make it all show. I thought the continuation music video was cool because I feel we all have this deep connection of wanting the bad boy but in the end maybe we really just outgrow it.

Along with creating electro-pop dance music, you have been dancing your whole life. How do you plan on incorporating dance into your upcoming performances?

I’ve been dancing since I was 3 – ballet, tap, jazz, lyrical and hip hop. I love dancing! I incorporate my dancing into my music videos, and when I perform I do a full-on performance with dancers. I’m all about really entertaining my fans!

Your music has been featured on MTV Hits, Billboard Dance charts and is currently in full rotation on the radio in the U.S. and Canada. What moment to you has felt like the greatest achievement in your career thus far?

They’re all amazing achievements to me, but I’d have to say there’s nothing like driving and all of a sudden your song comes on the radio. I just smile and it makes me feels good inside that people are recognizing my talents.

Give us your dream collaboration. Be it another singer, producer, music video dancer/actor, etc.

Well, Cher and Lady Gaga are my ideal dream collaborations, but currently there’s this upcoming artist I’m really digging named NF! I love his style, his brand and how he just raps deep truth about his journey. I really respect him, plus NF ft. Novul sounds pretty rad…

Do you have any hidden talents? Anything you what to share with us that we don’t know?

I can make a flower clover shape with my tongue!

It’s clear that you love style. Who are your favorite designers/brands, and what beauty products are you currently using?

Yeah, I love fashion! I love The Blonds, Alexander McQueen, Dolls Kill. Pretty much anything glam edgy. I use Bobbi Brown and Mac for beauty products

What can we expect next from you?

I have a show January 10th at The Sayers Club in Los Angeles! Tickets are on sale now. Come see me! You can find my show info on my Instagram: @itsnovul

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