BELLO Watch : Molly McCook

Photography by: William Callan
Q: If you could describe how your 2018 was in three words what would those be?
A: Surreal. Rewarding. Wonderful.
Q: What was the audition process like for Last Man Standing?
A: It was a little tedious because it was a long process, but I had a lot of fun finding Mandy. The EP’s and Casting Directors really encouraged me to give her my own version. We definitely found that.
Q: How soon after booking Last Man Standing did you find out you’d be part of Good Trouble?
A: I actually was filming Good Trouble when I found out about LMS. I was reading the audition sides while waiting on set.
Q: Was it easy switching between the two characters? Are there any similarities to yourself?
A: It was one of the most challenging tests of my career so far. Not just because the characters are so different, but because going from a half hour comedy to an hour long drama is just about the most polar opposite you can get in an actor’s world. I can definitely find similarities to myself in both Mandy and Rebecca. Mandy’s humor and optimism feels very natural and close to me. And Rebecca’s determination is something I feel with things I’m the most passionate about.
Q:  What sort of tips and tricks have you learned or adopted to deal with juggling both shows?
A: Balance! Sleep! I actually learned this the hard way. I was going full force and my adrenaline would kick in and I wouldn’t think I needed as much rest as I did. But I was VERY wrong. The truth is, self-care needs to be #1. Always. From there, your focus will fall into place. Luckily on LMS, we rehearse all week so I’m working with the scenes repeatedly and some of that dialogue becomes familiar to me by the time we film it. With Good Trouble, it was a lot of legal jargon which was a huge challenge. Lots of Googling and figuring out WHAT I’m saying before learning how to REMEMBER it! But it’s a fun challenge.
Q: Good Trouble premieres January 8th, what are you excited most for fans to see? 
A: There are so many different points of view on this show. Doesn’t matter if they’re wrong or right. But it shows all kinds of people, what they believe in and how to fight for that. Also, being an adult and finding yourself is a scary journey. I think it’ll be nice for people to feel they’re not alone while falling in love with these characters. I’m also very excited for people to meet Rebecca. She’s a complicated soul, but it’s fun to see her layers peeled back and learn why she is the way she is.
Q: If you could guest star on any television series what would it be? 
A: Black Mirror or Will & Grace.
Q: Best advice you’ve ever received and can pass on to others? 
A: You are your own person. Hold on to that. Don’t try to be like anyone else. Find what makes you special and let that drive you. Also, be kind and gracious along the way.
Q:What are you most looking forward to in 2019? Any New Year’s Resolutions? 
A:I can’t wait to marry the love of my life. New Year’s Resolutions are to get out of my comfort zone and also to stay present. Less of my devices and more of the wonderful people and experiences that surround me.

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